Beauty Tips


The title of this section says it all really. We will be bringing you every month a relevant beauty tip for the that time of year or season.



Winter tips from Natalie.....
You may find over the winter that your hands and nails have been neglected.  Now is the time to renourish and give them the boost they deserve.
If you find your hands are feeling dry and flakey, then exfoliate with a hand scrub.  This will remove the dull dead skin which forms to create a barrier against other products.  Once this barrier is broken you can apply a handcream which absorbs further into the skin, providing the moisturisation your hands need.  We recommend OPI's Avoplex High Intensity hand and nail cream.
A handy tip to help prevent your hands and nails drying out again is to make sure you wear gloves when washing up and before stepping out into the cold weather.
Nails should be neglected either.  If cuticles look to be lacking in moisture, a regular application of oil should be applied (e.g. Avoplex cuticle oil).  This will rehydrate, making it easier to push cuticles back and keep tidy.  If your nails are feeling weaker a nail strengthener will help build them up and help prevent against peeling, softening and breaking.  We offer Nail Envy strengthener- with a range of different varieties to suit each individuals needs.


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